Elegant handwoven scarves made from our own rare CVM/Romeldale wool and blended with silk have arrived!  They are exquisitely soft, with lovely drape.  They are in the beautiful natural colors of the sheep.  They were designed at 10′ x 72″. Once woven they are a bit smaller, depending upon the pattern.  This is common with very fine, soft wools. The added silk gives them luster and drape.  They are absolutely gorgeous!

wpid-20140717_095558-1024x576 wpid-20140718_104733-1024x576

The three new yarns are fingering weight and are the same yarns used in the scarves.  Aren’t they beautiful?! I am eager to use them in a shawl pattern!  They will also work very well for an elegant cowl!


Our weather here has been fabulous! How we are all enjoying these days of lower temps, low humidity, and blessed rains!!

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